Committees and Issue Groups

The CASBAA committee system plays a key role in establishing the priorities and initiatives of the Association and of the industries that CASBAA represents. The Chairman of each committee is responsible for inviting representatives from member companies to join their committee. An individual member of the Board of Directors has oversight of each committee's activities and liaises directly with its Chairman.



Committee rules

1. Each CASBAA Committee shall elect a Chairman at the start of each operating year, such year to commence from that of the first meeting of the CASBAA Council of Governors following the Annual General Meeting of the Association and end twelve months following. Until such time, the previous year's Committee Chairman shall be in office.

2. At the first meeting of each operating year, each Committee shall identify a minimum of three Goals and Objectives and provide the Chief Executive Officer with a draft timeline for the delivery of such Goals and Objectives. These Goals and Objectives will be generally agreed with the nominated CASBAA Board member charged with oversight of the Committee's activities.

3. The Board member responsible the committee shall report directly to the Board of Directors and will ensure that the committee standing orders are adhered to.

4. Each Committee shall meet a minimum of five times each year.

5. Committees (led by their Chairman) may invite any voting member or nominee member of the Association to sit on such Committees.

6. Each Committee shall seek to reach consensus on every matter considered by the Committee. However, each Committee shall make final decisions based on a majority vote of the members of such Committee. The Chairman must also provide the opportunity for a "minority position" to be registered and ensure that such position is recorded in the minutes of the meeting for such Committee.

7. In the event of a disagreement on any measure or action recommended by the majority of the Committee, the minority shall have the right to request the Chairman of such Committee to bring the disagreement and the view of the minority to the attention of the Board of Directors through the Chief Executive Officer. With the approval of the Board of Directors, the minority supported initiative may also be implemented by the Chief Executive Officer.

8. It is the duty of the Chairman of each committee to ensure that minutes are taken and then distributed to all Committee members and the Executive Office no more than 10 working days after each meeting of his/her committee and to provide, at minimum, a bi-monthly report to the Chief Executive Officer on progress against the stated/agreed objectives of the committee.