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A division of A&E Television Networks, AETN International markets the quality programming and proven success of The History Channel®, A&E®, The Biography Channel®, Crime & Investigation Network™ and The History Channel HD™ across traditional and digital media platforms. AETN channels and programs are now available in more than 135 countries to over 255 million TV households.

ABS owns and operates the ABS-1 satellite (formerly LMI-1) at the 75 degrees E location serving 4/5th of the world's population and 4 continents. Leveraging the extensive coverage, high power and large capacity of the ABS-1 satellite, ABS is able to strategically and effectively offer a broad range of services, including DTH, CATV distribution, IP, Cellular backhaul and VSAT services.

APT Satellite (listed company in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Stock Code: 1045) was founded and commenced its operation in 1992. APT Satellite currently owns and operates APSTAR in-orbit satellites covering regions in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Pacificaccounting for 75% of the world’s population, and provides excellent quality “one-stop-shop” transponder, satellite telecommunications and satellite TV broadcasting and transmission services to broadcasting and telecommunication customers.

Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat), the leading satellite operator in Asia, serves over two-thirds of the world's population with its six satellites, AsiaSat 3S, AsiaSat 4, AsiaSat 5, AsiaSat 6, AsiaSat 7 and AsiaSat 8. The AsiaSat satellite fleet serves both the broadcast and telecommunications industries. Over 450 television and radio channels are now delivered by the company's satellites offering access to over 710 million TV households across the Asia-Pacific region. AsiaSat also provides VSAT networks throughout the region. AsiaSat's next satellite, AsiaSat 9 on order from the manufacturer is planned to be launched in 2017.

ASTRO is Malaysia's leading cross-media operator with innovative, market-leading business units in content origination, aggregation and distribution across the region. Through Celestial Pictures, it also owns significant intellectual assets, including the world's largest Chinese film library. ASTRO is listed on Bursa Malaysia with a market capitalization of over RM9 billion.

Australia Plus Television - Australia's international television channel - is brought to you by Australia's largest and most trusted broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. On Australia Network you can catch the latest regional news, update your English language skills and tune in to world class international documentaries, lifestyle programs, sports coverage and top quality dramas.