What is CASBAA

Covering a variety of geographic markets and encompassing over 470 million connections within a footprint spanning China to Australia and Japan to Pakistan, CASBAA works to be the authoritative voice for multichannel TV promoting even handed and market friendly regulation, IP protection and revenue growth for subscriptions and advertising.

CASBAA’s 130 member organisations include leading cable, satellite, DTH and broadband operators as well as multinational networks and programmers in Asia and worldwide. Member corporations also comprise leading suppliers and manufacturers of cable and satellite technology, related business service providers, communications, advertising & marketing executives, media, government regulatory bodies, telecom companies, new media service providers and network enablers.

CASBAA strives for:

  • Clarity of regulations
  • Enforcement of regulations
  • Transparency of decisions
  • Consistency of approach
  • Neutrality for all parties


How CASBAA works:

  • Lobbying
  • Networking opportunities
  • Conference exchanges
  • Publications