Day 3

Day 3

CASBAA Convention 2007 - Day 3 - Thursday 1st November 2007

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AM Host: Teymoor Nabili, Al Jazeera
PM Host: Christopher Slaughter, MD, Asia Pacific Vision (APV)

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The Opener

Marcel Fenez, Chairman, CASBAA ; Global Managing Partner, Entertainment and Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Duration: 3:33
National Brand Building

Mike Rowse, Director General, InvestHK
Duration: 21:33
Keynote Address: Protecting the Windows

Dan Glickman, CEO, Motion Picture Association of America
Duration: 19:51
Middle Kingdom Content

As the Chinese digital revolution gathers pace, what will broadcasters use to fill the airwaves as hundreds of new channels fight for 2.6 billion eyeballs?

Moderated by: William Pfeiffer, CEO, Celestial
Anthony Tse, President, China Entertainment Television Broadcast
Allen Law, CEO, Click To See
Matthew Brosenne, International Business Director, CSM Media Research
Duration: 47:20
Further Definitions: The HD Satellite Solution

HD has launched across Asia, promising high quality content and wider choices to seduce viewers. How has the system fared so far and how can Asian satcasters & cable casters drive uptake of HD Platforms?

Moderated by: Joe Kainz, STAR News Asia
Paul Heinerscheid, President & CEO, SAT-GE & Satlynx
Greg Moyer, GM, VOOM HD Networks
Terence Bleakley, VP, Sales & Marketing, MEASAT
Jeremy Rose, Principle Consultant, Communication Systems
Duration: 30:56
In Conversation

Jason Krikorian, Co-Founder, Sling Media
Damian Grammaticas, South Asia Correspondent, BBC World
Duration: 26:02
Why Pay TV? The Case for Multi Channel Advertising

Paul Corrigan, Consultant, CASBAA
Duration: 19:02
Moving beyond impressions: - How advertisers engage, transact and build relationships with ever-changing customers

Michael Kelley, Advisory Partner, US Entertainment Media & Communications Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Duration: 13:49
Tailored Content and Perfect Placement

Defying the planning pundits, embedded advertising remains a poor cousin to the traditional 30-second spot. Yet product placement has funded some of the world’s most successful TV content. With the advent of multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-choice TV, does the future look any rosier?

Moderated by: Teymoor Nabili, Al Jazeera
Barney Loehnis, Network Director, Isobar
Chris Skinner, Managing Partner, Initiative Hong Kong
Chris Kyme, Managing Partner, Eight Partnership
Karen Davidson, SVP Advertising Sales & Integrated Marketing, STAR Group
Duration: 31:13