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Cable Terms and Definitions

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EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.
EOL End Of Life - Refers to hardware and software that is no longer manufactured or supported. An end of life announcement by a vendor stipulates when the manufacturing will end, or if already ended, how far into the future support for the product will be provided.
EST Electronic Sell Through - Ownership model, providing unlimited viewing rights. Ability to download to physical discs or transferred to a portable player.
FBO Facility Based Operations licence
FCC Federal Communications Commission (US) (
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
Flash Flash memory – primarily used in memory cards and USB flash drives (thumb drives, handy drive, memory stick, flash stick, jump drive) for general storage and transfer of data between computers and other digital products. Does not require power to maintain stored information.
Free To Air (FTA) Television channels or services for which viewers do not have to pay a subscription or other fee in order to receive them.
FSS Fixed Satellite System - A satellite that is at an altitude and in an orbit such that it maintains a fixed position relative to the Earth's surface. An FSS is in contrast to an MSS (Mobile Satellite System). FSS is synonymous with geosynchronous earth orbiting (GEO) satellite.
FTTH Ffiber To The Home - Wired broadband communications technology in which the entire network to the home is constructed out of fibre optic cable. Benefiting from a significant decline in material prices, FTTH is emerging as a viable two-way residential communications technology in several countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy and the Nordic countries.
FTTN Fiber to the node/neighborhood – a telecommunication architecture based on fiber-optic cables run to a cabinet serving a neightborhood. Customers connect to this cabinet using traditional coaxial cable or twisted pair wiring.
FVOD Free Video On Demand - Free access to on demand content with or without inserted ads.
FWA Fixed Wireless Access
GDP Gross Domestic Product - The sum of all output produced by economic activity within a country. GNP (gross national income) include net income from abroad eg, rent, profits.
GDP per capita The value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year, divided by the average population for the same year.
Geostationary satellite Orbiting 36,000 km above the earth, a geostationary satellite holds a constant position relative to the earth’s surface
GVF Global VSAT Forum, an international association of the satellite industry
HDTV High Definition TV - An all-digital TV broadcast signal that delivers a high-resolution, wide-screen picture and 6 channels of digital sound. A resolution of 1,080 lines is considered high definition imagery, although 720 lines of progressive scanning has now come to be considered high resolution as well.
HFC Hybrid Fibre Coaxial - Most commonly found wiring format of cable television systems, where the main trunk cables and larger feeds consist of high capacity fibre optic wires, whilst the local feeds to the home are coaxial. Commonly used by US and Canadian Cable TV Operators.
HITS Headend-In-The-Sky - A satellite-based cable distribution platform through which hundreds of digital quality cable television channels can be distributed to the entire country simultaneously. Consumers can subscribe to these channels via a set-top box from their local cable operators.
HPA High power satellite uplink amplifiers
HSPDA High-Speed Downlink Packet Access - A packet-based mobile telephony protocol used in 3G UMTS radio networks to increase data capacity and speed up transfer rates.
Hut The percentage of homes with at least one TV set switched on at a particular time.