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OTT not yet alternative to pay


LONDON (May 29, 2012): U.K.-based research firm Ovum has issued new analysis on over-the-top TV platforms, finding that they still have a long way to go before they can serve as adequate alternatives to traditional pay-TV services.

"While we expect OTT to become increasingly integral to the home video entertainment mix, there's little evidence yet of consumers dropping their pay-TV subscriptions in favor of purely operator-independent solutions," said Jonathan Doran, the principal analyst at Ovum. "For the time being, OTT will remain a complement rather than an alternative to pay TV."

Ovum's research found that half of British consumers who own Internet-connected devices—PCs, tablets, consoles, smartphones and smart TVs—are using OTT services, and more than half of that base have retained their traditional pay-TV subscriptions.

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