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Half smartphone video consumption in the home

May 31, 2012 - Independent online video technology company Tremor Video has unveiled research that indicates viewers are no longer confining content to specific devices in era of seamless connectivity, with tablet and Connected TV viewing on the rise.

The study, conducted in partnership with research-based strategic consulting firm Frank N Magid Associates, suggests that viewers are moving seamlessly across devices and accessing video content wherever they are, no matter the device, and that viewers have entered a connected content culture where they expect entertainment regardless of space, time, networks or creators.

Among the key findings of the study – commissioned to understand how viewers access video content on different devices and in different – are the fact that 52 per cent of all smartphone video is viewed at home, with peak viewing hours between the hours of 5 and 11 pm., mirroring TV peaks and indicating that viewing on mobile platforms is no longer confined to 'mobile' behaviours. Smartphone viewers have historically gravitated toward short-form content, but long-form video now accounts for nearly 40 per cent of smartphone video viewing every week.

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