National Seminar on Pay-TV Broadcasting

Monday, 10 August 2009

CASBAA is an active participant in an Indonesian government campaign to regularize the country’s cable-TV industry. Speaking at an August 10 “National Seminar on Pay-TV Broadcasting” that launched the campaign, Bambang Subijantoro, Director of Broadcasting in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Depkominfo) noted that Indonesia has a dynamic and rapidly growing pay-TV industry, but that provincial cable companies were largely operating in the “informal” sector, without proper licenses. CASBAA distributed a brochure in Bahasa Indonesia entitled: “Broadcasting Without Fear: Using Authorized Programming.” A copy of the brochure can be viewed here.

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Indonesia Antipiracy Effort Moves Forward

Friday, 03 July 2009

The Indonesian government (Ministry of Communications and Information) has taken a very activist stance on antipiracy activities, and as a result CASBAA’s Education/Outreach program is off to a very good start. Following is an update on the latest developments in Jakarta. Exclusive available to CASBAA Members in the CASBAA Members Zone

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Depkominfo is waiting for a report concerning illegal distributors of pay TV

Tuesday, 02 June 2009

JAKARTA: The Ministry of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) is awaiting an official report from the Association of Multimedia Organizations Indonesia (APMI) about the existence of illegal distributors of pay-TV. 

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695 pay-TV providers operate without permits

Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Jakarta Post - A mix of weak law enforcement and a growing appetite for quality television shows has given birth to the mushrooming of pay-TV service providers in the country, approximately 695 of which operate without licenses.

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