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Copyright Issues and Graduated Response

New law forces HK-based companies to review privacy practices

Monday, 08 October 2012

Amendments to Hong Kong’s data protection and privacy law will require CASBAA members (and other companies) to re-think their direct marketing and personal data practices.   Some parts are already in effect, but the provisions on Direct Marketing will

come into force sometime around April 2013.   Companies need to review the marketing data they collect, their handling procedures, and the notifications they provide customers.  Later, “regulated” companies are expected to be covered by particular data-filing requirements from the Privacy Commissioner – but no one knows yet how broadly that net will be spread, and how many CASBAA broadcasters might be affected.   Member company HoganLovells has provided an article describing the changes, and it can be downloaded here.


CASBAA Members Urge “Graduated Response” to Online Piracy in Hong Kong

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

CASBAA’s member companies joined in urging the Commerce and Industry Panel of the Hong Kong Legislative Council to push for implementation of a educational and non-criminalized “graduated response” procedure to deal with online piracy in the SAR. The companies said they favoured a mechanism that would limit liability of ISPs for online infringement as along as they followed the graduated response procedures. 

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STAR Group's submission to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (HKSAR)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

STAR responses to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau on the Memorandum of 
Understanding on Industry Cooperation in Combating Online Piracy (MOU) issued by the Tripartite Forum for Drawing up a Code of Practice for Online Service Providers in Protecting Copyright in the Digital Environment.

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