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   How regulated? Details of regulators
   Copyright protection
   Convergence and new technologies
   Licensing of foreign channels
   License fees and taxation
   Rate regulation (Including wholesale and retail rate regulation)
   Program packaging (Including tiering, bundling, any mandatory a la carte)
   Restrictions on advertising (Including localization rules, revenue and minutage restrictions)
   Content regulation (Including local content quotas, censorship and content classification)
   Regulations on languages, dubbing/subtitling and captioning
   Program supply restrictions (Including restrictions on exclusivity and anti-siphoning rules)
   Investment restrictions (Including foreign investment and cross-media restrictions)
   Cross-media Ownership Restrictions
   Retransmission arrangements (Including must carry)
   Consumer protection (Including cooling-off period and termination rights)
   Entering a new market: OTT-specific
   Other country-specific information
   Knowledge Partner
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