Pay-TV in Asia

2009 is proving to be another great year for Pay-TV advertisers. CASBAA estimates that 315 million homes are now able to access subscription TV in Asia. Improvements in the way audiences to Pay TV are measured and reported means that we are also seeing a change in the way multi-channel TV is perceived by agencies and advertisers.

Multi-channel television broadcasting is constantly extending audience choice in terms of the range and diversity of entertainment and informational programming. Delivering not only distinct demographic groups, but communities with specific interests and cultures. Pay TV reaches the target market with far greater efficiency than some of the more conventional advertising media.

Broadcasters are creating event driven programming formats that maximize audiences and can be extended via other platforms. There are also growing opportunities in non - spot advertising such as advertiser funded programming, programme sponsorships and branded entertainment.

Multiple operators, higher multi-channel TV penetration, technological advances and continuous changes in consumer habits mean that the demand for high quality and niche content will continue to grow.