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SNL Kagan

SNL Kagan is one of CASBAA’s partners in the business of media intelligence, integrating online research, data and projections in real time for the media and communications industry. Detailed news, forecasts and financial data is available through SNL’s Web and Excel-based platforms.

The Media & Communications industry has its own set of metrics and its own language, so SNL Kagan has created a unique information template for each sector. Data is standardized and analyzed using the sector’s own language, formats and fields. SNL’s online platform provides 24/7 access, with point-and-click menus making data easy to manipulate and analyze. For more information go to



Digital & Non-Digital Subscribers by Region  
Source: SNL Kagan



Multichannel Penetration by Region
Source: SNL Kagan


Multichannel Revenue by Region
Source: SNL Kagan