PAX 2011 Highlights

One of the most noticeable observations from the PAX data is that the affluent are still spending! We can see, for example, that over the years even more of them have been buying laptop computers, new cars, Smart phones, digital cameras and Hi-Definition televisions.
We know, as well, that they still have a passion for drinking, eating out and for luxury goods.

About PAX:
PAX is now 15 years old and covers 14 cities representing a population of just under 15 million people aged 25-64.

The PAX sample is recruited via a screening telephone call to establish whether people qualify to be included. Multiple phone calls are made in order to maximise the representativeness of the sample achieved (up to 20 calls where necessary). All interviews are conducted via computer-assisted telephone interviews. Fieldwork is structured to achieve a composite day balance over the period of each month, to ensure that responses reflect true media exposure across each day of the week.
Just over 20,000 people are currently interviewed for the study