Microsoft launches in-game ad platform in Hong Kong and Singapore

HONG KONG - Microsoft Advertising has launched a new in-game advertising platform for advertisers who want to reach out to computer and online game users.

Advertisers in Hong Kong and Singapore can now use features such as billboards and branded moving objects that fit naturally into popular online game titles such as Winning Eleven, NBA Live and Burnout Paradise.

According to Microsoft, 82 per cent of these game users are male and between the ages of 13 and 34, while 35 per cent are between 18 and 24.

William Lai, business director, Microsoft Advertising, said: “These groups of youngsters and men seldom watch TV but spend most of their free time playing computer and online games. The Winning Eleven soccer game is especially popular as the 2010 South Africa World Cup is approaching.”

Microsoft Advertising is yet to finalise a pricing package for agencies and advertisers, but it can provide traffic data for the advertising format, which has no competition in the Hong Kong and Singapore markets yet.

Microsoft Advertising has already launched the in-game advertising in New Zealand and Korea.