Nokia taps Facebook to drive web traffic

Hong Kong - Nokia has rolled out a digital campaign to support the launch of its N97 model, which has seen its weekly market share to its local website increase by 197% spurred by traffic via Facebook, according to Hitwise Hong Kong.

The digital campaign created by Agenda Asia supports the launch of Nokia N97 targeting the mass affluent with the objectives to generate awareness of its customised widget feature and push traffic to its dedicated website.

Users have to install the N97 quiz game via Facebook that allows them to experience the phone model's interface and widgets. Players will need to answer a set of questions within a set time frame to accumulate points.

The top scorer will receive an N97 phone for free. It includes incentive for users to invite as many friends to participate in the game.

Rudi Leung, director, communication planning for Agenda Asia, said while they take the number of participants as a consideration to measure results of this digital campaign, they are keen to generate more conversation about the new product in the social media space and drive traffic to the Nokia site.

However, Leung pointed out it's getting more challenging to bring awareness among consumers via a Facebook application.

"The challenge for marketers is they have to change their mindset and consider it as more a conversation (actually conversation brings traffic) rather than a channel they could just "push" advertising message to the consumers," he added.

The digital campaign is part of an integrated campaign across different communication platforms that will roll out across several months until the end of Q3.

Stanley Ngai, business director for Mediacom, said the media strategy for this campaign is both impact and interactive driven from talk of town awareness to consumer experience.

This includes a session for bloggers recently to introduce the new model.

Agenda Asia is the digital agency while Mediacom handles media buying and planning for this campaign.