LG and Nat Geo in High-Definition push

Regional - LG Electronics has partnered with National Geographic Channel to launch a new campaign to encourage viewers across SE Asia to watch High-Definition (HD) TV quality programs.

The 2009 National Geographic Channel Top 10 HD campaign rolls out in conjunction with the launch of LG's LH50, LH70 and LH35 full HD LCD TVs across SE Asia, and asks viewers to vote for their top 10 from a collection of 30 documentaries shown on National Geographic Channel HD in the past year.

The campaign is for the Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam markets.

A LG spokesperson said the campaign is targeting PMEBs in their mid-20s to 30s and will be largely driven by cable and online channels across the six markets. However, the spokesperson declined to go into specific details on the local executions for the mentioned markets only adding that the campaign is "designed to be self-sustaining."

Results of voting will be announced on www.natgeotv.com/top10hd while the 10 most popular NGC documentaries will air on National Geographic Channel HD in late September.

Source: http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/13629