Research says online ads must offer more

Regional - Since the launch of Adsfactor TV in February this year, results from Eyeblaster show that 40% of users watch an entire TVC online, with average viewing time 20 seconds of a 30 second TVC.

While 60% of users watch more than half of the TVC and interaction rates at 165%, are advertisers getting the best from the online platform?

Eddie Ngan, business director for Mindshare Hong Kong, said a tailor made TVC for online is better than duplicating content from traditional TV.

Ngan said when it comes to producing TVCs for online platforms it's about the content".

"For instance, adding interactive elements within the TV spot such as a quiz at the end as an incentive for the audience to win prizes to reward them for watching the entire TVC online," he said.

As Pixel Media CEO Kevin Huang pointed out, online TV advertising has been gaining acceptance among advertisers as they realise people are now spending less time watching TV and more time online.

"The ease of launching a TVC online and selecting the right content and audience based on the Adsfactor Network channels make it easier for advertisers to go online," Huang added.

Advertisers that have aired their TV spots on Adsfactor TV include Samsung, Virgin Atlantic, Citi Financial, promotions for Slumdog Millionaire and Confessions of a Shopaholic, Durex and Sony Entertainment Television.

When it comes to measurement, Huang said online TVCs should not be measured by click through rates as it is not an accurate measure of success.

He argued that engagement metrics such as interaction rate and average view time are important considerations for measuring TVCs online.