Internet Marketing Via Online TV Could Be The Next Big Thing

The internet has bought many things closer to us. It has revolutionised the communication industry as people send emails, use web cams, and join chat rooms on a daily basis. We are able transfer documents from one computer to another and business has grown to allow for faster and more efficient services because of it. However, a particular area of continued growth is the entertainment industry, where people are able to view programmes of their favourite series online. You can now watch missed episodes on almost all of the major TV channels, which is great for people on the go, as it means you will never miss an episode. But why is this so great you ask, when you can simply Sky + a programme or set your recorder before you go out? Well, not everyone has Sky TV, and of those that have, some still have old digital boxes (without the record feature Sky+). Also, if you are running late and you have forgotten to set your video recorder you will have missed your programme. Online you are able to take your time and see missed programmes at your leisure, but more importantly, you can view these on your laptop, pda, or mobile phone which gives greater reach. But the bar has been raised again and now users want to be able to watch online content through their TV’s.

At the moment, 17% can already do this, while a further 58% say they would like to have this service. There is huge call for on-demand online TV, although people would prefer to have this as a standard service. There is great potential for businesses to display advertising on V, and it would be much more cost effective compared to tradition TV advertising means. Also, Search Engine Marketing firms could take advantage of this and push Internet Marketing to a whole new level.