New Zealand

SKY Network Television is New Zealand’s premium multichannel television network and accounts for more than 90% of subscribers. SKY launched in 1990 with 3 UHF channels and has since grown to broadcast in excess of 100 digital channels.

The range of channels on SKY covers all genres, plus international brands. Subscribers reached 846,000 in 2011 and SKY’s national penetration is now nearly 50% of all homes, helped by the launch of MySKY PVR, the network’s video recorder service now available in 20% of SKY homes.

Local television ratings are measured by Nielsen. Advertising on five of the SKY channels and Prime TV (SKY’s free-to-air service), is sold using released ratings information; the other channels are sold on a cost-per-spot basis. SKY recently renewed its Nielsen TAM contract, with some key changes: including an increase in panel size from 500 to 600 homes, and measurement of Time Shifted Viewing. Nielsen data is supplemented by SKY Search, an annual research survey of viewing and purchasing habits of SKY viewers.

SKY channels attract approximately 30% channel share of total viewership. In summer, when PUTs (people using television) levels dip, SKY’s share increases, driven by holiday viewing and increased time spent viewing of summer sports such as cricket. Sport is a huge driver for subscriptions and viewing and most sports are carried on the SKY platform.


New Zealand Actual %
Population 4,432,452
Total Homes 1,659,600
Household Size 2.7
TV Homes 1,646,000 99.2%
Multichannel Homes 920,000 55.9%
Internet Users 3,625,553 81.8%