Television retained its position as the key in home entertainment medium through 2009. In 2009, television advertisements increased by 40% compared to 2008, accounting for almost 80% of monitored advertising expenditure.

Cable dominates the pay-TV landscape but piracy is rife with an estimated 200 illegal operators. Even so, there are over two million legitimate multichannel homes and in early 2010, GroupM estimated an annual growth of 19% in TV ad revenues and around US40m allocated to pay-TV. The expansion of local cable and digital channels has driven high growth of monitored cable viewing share. Cable and set-top-box penetration varies from city to city and across economic strata. Urban Ho Chi Minh City leads with 75% cable penetration while digital set-top-boxes are more popular in rural Hanoi, with almost 20% penetration.

Cable and digital audience profiles are skewed toward upscale younger groups.  Advertising spent on cable channels is modest, close to 1% of total TV expenditure, though this is expected to grow in 2010.  The Kantar Media Habit Survey is conducted four times a year covering TV, radio, print and online. Product penetration and consumption are much higher in multichannel homes with a higher ownership of luxury items.

A TNS peoplemeter service has been running in Ho Chi Minh City since 2008 and a second will be launched in Hanoi early in 2011.  Continuous diary panel services are also offered in Danang and Can Tho cities. The VTV continuous dairy panel covers 20 leading provinces across Vietnam’s three economic regions. In addition, a TAM sweep is conducted once a year for Hai Phong and Nha Trang.

Vietnam Actual %
Population 87,840,000
Total Homes 23,216,598
Household Size 3.8
TV Homes 20,166,720 86.9%
Multichannel Homes 12,342,033 61.2%
Internet Users 30,516,587 34.7%