FOX International Channels – Samsung

Samsung “Big Melt”
Campaign Objectives:

To promote Samsung’s eco-friendly products through an energy-saving theme to echo its CSR initiative.

Strategic Plan:
FOSM created a “Big Melt” campaign that featured Samsung on National Geographic Channel, the trusted documentary brand, by tapping into its green programming and talent to drive the shared essence of both brands and promote awareness about climate change and humankind’s responsibility to the planet.

The “Big Melt” campaign was developed to cement the Samsung and National Geographic Channel partnership by driving its aims to contribute to the betterment of the planet and society in which we live, and to create new visions to accelerate environmental progress. And ultimately, to unite around new actions and educate people that about how the global meltdown affects our daily lives and even sporting events like the Winter Olympics.

Samsung “Big Melt” campaign incorporated the following elements:


  • 8-weeks presenting sponsorship of “Big Melt” with programmes such as Extreme Ice, Six Degrees, and Naked Science: Glacier Meltdown on NGC SEA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Pan Europe, Canada and United States feeds
  • Production and global airing of two 30-second vignettes to showcase the Samsung CEO and Nat Geo explorer/Samsung’s Eco Ambassador James Balog.


  • “Big Melt” programme microsite with Samsung’s sponsor logo credit
  • Co-branded “Big Melt” facebook contest for a chance to win Samsung Omina II mobile phones.
  • Banner placement on NGC website across multiple regions.

Advertorial featuring the “Big Melt” special in National Geographic Magazine (Asia and Europe editions).

James Balog, Photographer, Founder and Director, The Extreme Ice Survey, appointed as Samsung’s Eco Ambassador and attended Samsung PR events during the Winter Olympics to create awareness about the important issues shaping the world today.