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CNN's commitment to GREEN Programming.
Finding creative solutions to environmental challenges.

going-green"Going Green" is a multi-platform program, which debates the collective and individual impact on the environment, examines the integral role each stakeholder has to play in preserving our planet and focuses on new energy solutions for the future.

Each Quarter's installment includes daily reports, a half-hour special and one vignette + website updates. The key themes in 2010: Green Light for Business, Eco Pioneers, Your Green World, Road to Cancun




Eco-Solutions"Eco-Solutions", a weekly segment & vignette gives a unique peek into situations that plague our planet, and goes a step further to propose real solutions that help viewers understand that everyone has to be focused on change to make the world a better place.


CNN takes viewers along a journey to follow the Plastiki Expedition's progress, via weekly segment & vignette, learning more about the environment and the challenges faced by crossing the world's largest ocean on a catamaran made from recycled plastic bottles.

Earth's Frontiers

"Earth's Frontiers" is a guide to the environmental landscape of the 21st century. It seeks to inspire revolutionary ideas in the fields of science, technology, economics and sustainability.

A monthly feature on air and online which includes 3 televised debates around green issues and sustainability talks around the world. Most recently, the Special Debate in Seoul looked at The Future of Energy.