NBCU - Universal Channel


Project: The Biggest Loser Asia 2 on Diva Universal Channel

Client: Nestle Fitnesse

Campaign objectives:
Nestle Fitnesse had certain specific messages relating to weight management which it wanted to deliver via simple work out sessions and easy to follow diet plans with whole grains. It wanted these messages to be targeted to its core customers who were females 20-44 and who were health and image conscious, as well as, more generally, people who aim to improve their diet and lifestyle through healthy living and exercise. This messaging was built into interactive and informative branded content in The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2.

Campaign overview:
A comprehensive and integrated marketing and communication campaign was launched, with in-show integration, creative on-air solutions and commercial inventory components. The execution across these campaign elements was coordinated to deliver both awareness through building brand association and showcasing specific brand messages. Furthermore Nestle optimized its extensive retail network both to reinforce product specific messaging at point of sale, while concurrently encouraging tune in for the show.

By engaging with Diva Universal’s TBLA audience, Nestle was able to engage with an audience that was more engaged, educated and wealthier than the average that is typical of subscription TV household, in addition to capturing mainly female audience.

As a regional campaign, Nestle was able to cut across cultural variances with its messaging riding on Diva Universal’s and TBLA’s ability connect with different nationalities and cultures with universally understood emotions relating to self image, healthy living and positivity.

UNI produced the following branded content:

  • Nestle Fitnesse tag on
  • Nestle Fitnesse Guide To A Good Life vignettes
  • Nestle Fitnesse trainer’s endorsement in 1 episode
  • Nestle Fitnesse reward challenge in 1 episode
  • Nestle Fitnesse product placement in 4 episodes
  • Ancillary rights for in store POS with TBLA 2 logo and tune-in


Nestle Fitnesse Guide To A Good Life
Trainer’s endorsement within TBLA2
Reward Challenge within TBLA2
Product placement for Nestle Fitnesse within TBLA2
Ancillary rights for Nestle Fitnesse POS