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Hidden Cities & Maybank

Maybank came on board as the presenting sponsor to the returning hit series on HISTORY with Season 2 of Hidden Cities. Together with host Anthony Morse, the series revealed the hidden worlds in Asia’s most bustling cities where forgotten palaces and temples, abandoned towns and disused underground fortresses that shelter unbelievable relics and untold stories were uncovered.

The main objective of the campaign was to gain more awareness for Maybank and Maybankard World Master Card.

Two 30 seconds vignettes for HISTORY’s regional and Malaysia feed were produced which featured the Maybankard World Master Card. It encapsulates the passion of travel with the target audience while creating awareness of the new credit card. Targeting regional audience, HISTORY also helped Maybank reinforce the benefits of the global network of Maybank services.

The Maybankard World Master Card was also featured within the series seamlessly while displaying the ease of use and wide network in the region, and that it is the best travel card to be used by frequent travellers.

An interactive microsite was launched where viewers had an exclusive peek into the behind the scenes videos, blog as well as take part in a regional contest. The contest required participants to submit a photo of an interesting city they visited where they truly like and had an enjoyable journey. Participants stand a chance to win great prizes including a trip to uncover Singapore with Anthony Morse.

A special feature on the microsite was the Maybank widget. The Travel Tips Widget assists users in locating for ATM, branch locations, information on Maybank’s Credit Card and travel insurance. There is also a currency converter which was updated on a weekly basis.

Intensive on-ground press events with Anthony Morse in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines were held where one on one interviews and meet and greet sessions were made available to all the press. The PR value amounted to almost US$1.35 million.

On top of that, HISTORY produced an IPhone/IPad application that attracted more than 25,000 downloads. The app gave viewers a chance to engage in a trivia quiz and a highly addictive game.

With all these features in play, HISTORY had managed to fulfill Maybank’s goal of creating awareness of its presence in the region with an amazing 85% of viewers recalling the tagline for Maybankard World Mastercard in an online survey.

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