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“The Blue Bloods campaign was executed very well in terms of the on-air and on-ground integration. The grandeur of the NYPD motorcade showcased the premium quality of the Chevrolet brand, especially apt for us since we are approaching our 100th year anniversary this year.”

David Pang, General Manager, Chevrolet, Alpine Group

Campaign Objectives

Blue Bloods is a brand new series that premiered first and exclusively on AXN on 21 February 2011. The Chevrolet brand was already integrated within the program. So Chevrolet Asia took the opportunity to develop a 360 branding campaign anchored around their sponsorship of Blue Bloods Season One on AXN.

The goal for Chevrolet Asia was to increase brand visibility and strengthen the brand association with the show. Beyond extensive on-air exposure, the integrated campaign for Blue Bloods included digital extensions and on-ground activations.

Content Integration & Branding

The launch teaser campaign for Blue Bloods consisted of a series of entertaining and intriguing news features branded “ANN”. The teasers were featured on-air as well as on a specially created ANN and Blue Bloods website as well as on social media. ANN Breaking News featured ambient stunts (Motorcade + NYPD Cops) created in partnership with Chevrolet featuring the Chevrolet Cruze model and the Chevrolet showroom.

Motorcade: Singapore
A loud, attention grabbing NYPD Motorcade featuring 6 Chevrolet Cruze cars and 20 Harley Davidson motorbikes customised and decaled to look like NYPD vehicles patrolled down Singapore’s bustling and crowded Orchard Road.

NYPD coming to Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines:
“NYPD police officers” patrolled the streets of Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia handing out promotional items with Blue Bloods tune-in information and crediting the Chevrolet sponsorship.

Chevrolet Roadshow: Singapore
A Chevrolet Blue Bloods road show in Singapore (Feb 28 – Mar 6 2011) with Chevrolet employees decked out in Chevy-Blue Bloods branded t-shirts and a Cruze car branded with NYPD, Blue Bloods and AXN decals was on display throughout the road show.

Ambient stunt: Philippines
An “NYPD Police Station” located at the very popular TriNoma Mall (February 14-28, 2011) in Manila, Philippines featuring the Chevrolet Cruze and promoting the premiere of Blue Bloods on AXN along with posters and outdoor billboard on TriNoma Mall exterior façade.