MTV - Swatch

SWATCH MTV Playground
The concept behind Swatch MTV Playground was to create a global platform in which artists and art enthusiasts could exercise their imagination. The partnership was the perfect avenue for Swatch to regain ownership of the “art” territory of the young and youthful it once owned.MTV Playground was an on-air, online and on the ground environment, enabling students to express creativity and exercise their imagination. is a web based gallery containing the best work from students (artists) around the world in the field of  animation, illustration, film, music and other areas. This 360 approach lived online - had extensions and exposure on the ground through live events and on air - generating a compelling experience for all MTV viewers and MTV Playground participants/members. The goal was to activate, involve and empower a very large group of exciting emerging artists from around the world. It was a global partnership involving dozens of MTV affiliates in Europe and Asia. All creative promotions led users back to the online portal. A series of contests were held, garnering entries in the thousands. To bring the contest to life, Swatch MTV Playground launched a series of international events exhibiting original artwork from the portal.

The events ran as a travelling exhibition in Europe and Asia and showcased highlights of work from aspiring artists uploaded on the Swatch MTV Playground web gallery  ( Swatch MTV Playground gave visitors a distinctive and interactive experience, and celebrated the future of art  with the audience often having the role of curator.

MTV promoted the events on local channels and showcased what happened on the ground in MTV Playground specials that aired in Europe and Asia.

To further amplify the importance of collaboration between Swatch, MTV and art, a series of 1 minute vignettes entitled Talk @ The Playground were produced featuring prominent artists from two genres discussing art and their influences in every episode. The collaboration is now in its second year!