FOX International Channels – HP

Campaign Objective:

The objective was to build brand equity and create desire for HP products through positive brand associations, and position HP as the leader in technology to youth and the design community in Asia.

Strategic Plan and Overview:
FOSM produced an original pan-Asian reality TV series titled HP SPACE. The 8x1-hour reality show series was set in Singapore and featured 16 selected young talents from an Asia-wide online audition process. Each week, the contestants took on various design challenges ranging from multi-media and visual art to product design, music, fashion and publishing using the power of HP products and tips from experts. Through an elimination process, one winner was chosen to take home a grand prize of US$50,000 and a job at Fox Studios in Sydney.

Channel [V] was used as the key platform to reach the target demographic, with cross-channel on-air promotion shown across Fox International Channels’ multi-genre platforms.

HP SPACE was Asia’s first original reality television series that celebrates the spirit of innovation and encourages aspiring talents to discover their potential.


  • During the audition process, HP SPACE was promoted through on-air, on-ground and online activities, which attracted 2,520 audition videos across Asia and 16,020 registered members on the HP SPACE website.
  • HP SPACE campaign awareness reached 38 million people across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China and India.
  • HP SPACE successfully lifted viewers’ interest in HP with 80% HP SPACE viewers saying they have become more interested in HP products.
  • 82% say they will consider of buying an HP as their next computer, compared to 62% saying they would buy an Acer.
  • More than four in five HP SPACE viewers believed the show gave HP a more modern, innovative, professional and youthful image.