Animax - Snickers

The challenge:
Promote and drive participation of SNICKERS Hunger Buster Challenge among youth and young adults in Asia.

Our solution:

  • Customized on-air vignettes to drive overall awareness of the challenge cost effectively
  • Utilization of digital media to engage the youth and drive participation

ANIMAX produced a call-to-action vignette featuring ANI-Mates, Stephanie and Alodia, enjoying a bar of SNICKERS and reminding viewers to log on to the SNICKERS contest website.

Online & digital game:
Stream the call-to-action vignette on Animax website, as well as high rotation of SNICKERS challenge banners online.

An interactive game banner challenging visitors to catch the SNICKERS ‘thief’ who has taken the gold bars and be qualified to join the challenge.

Social Networks:
JasmineAtAnimax, Animax’ Twitter personality, introduces the SNICKERS Challenge to her 40,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter to create hype and interest to participate in the contest.

An EDM was also sent out to Animax database of 200,000 people.