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Company Profile

Gallup Pakistan is the pioneer of media research in the country and a leading marketing research company with a comprehensive portfolio of services that it’s been providing to its local and int’l clients for the past thirty years.

Media Services

Gallup Pakistan’s media research services range from periodic media reports through customized media studies, advertising expenditure tracking to continuous panel based Television Audience Measurement (TAM).

The first Gallup Pakistan media report came out in 1981 with a TV Barometer providing TV Ratings by time slot and programs. More enhanced surveys and reports followed and continue to come out at regular intervals.

The Advertising expenditure tracking services were introduced initially for the TV media in 1990 and subsequently for Print media in 1997. Currently Gallup Pakistan is the only source in the country providing Adex services for both TV and print media.

In the field of TAM, Gallup has experimented with TV Ratings in the country since 1981 and maintained a full diary based service since 1994. Over the years, Gallup demonstrated its ability to grow and adapt to the country’s dramatically changing media market needs. Firstly it expanded its urban only panel to offer ratings also for the increasingly more important rural segment and secondly it introduced an international ratings analysis software. Later in collaboration with TNS of UK Gallup Pakistan took the initiative to successfully launch the first peoplemeter test panel in the country’s largest metro city of Karachi.

Due to market conditions however Gallup has kept its focus on its expanded diary panel. The panel has been able to effectively track national ratings and provide these vital data to the market as its only source in the country. As globally changing TV viewing scenario has rendered the conventional peoplemeter obsolete and new technology will now be needed to replace it, Gallup Pakistan will consider adopting it when it becomes available and enhance its TAM service accordingly.

Key Strengths

Among the key strengths of Gallup Pakistan setup are its three full service offices in the three metro cities of the country, Gallup’s own stable network of field offices in 18 strategic cities covering the entire country through over 45 Facilitators, that implies it does not subcontract fieldwork, and a sound human resource base comprising the largest team of senior and experienced executives.

Portfolio of  Services

Apart from media research, Gallup Pakistan’s services portfolio includes qualitative and quantitative customized market research and social and opinion surveys and polls where it enjoys leadership position in the industry.

Key Contacts

Gallup Pakistan

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