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Company Profile
Kantar Media Audiences is a world leader in providing audience research solutions for all aspects of the media industry.

We operate in over 60 countries, either through wholly managed services, joint venture organisations or licensing arrangements.

Our services are best in class in providing broadcasters, agencies and platforms with audience measurement solutions using Peoplemeters, PPMs or Return Path Data (RPD).

Most recently, we have launched VirtualMeter as the software equivalent of our Peoplemeter technology to enable the capture and reporting of online video viewing.

Rapidview, our RPD solution, is specifically targeted at the pay TV industry and transforms raw set-top box data into usable information for use in advertising sales, subscriber marketing, media planning and many other areas.

Our media analysis system, InfoSys+ is used by over 500 clients around the globe.


Key Contacts

Nick Burfitt

Global Director

T: +44 7985 625344

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Website : http://www.kantarmedia-audiences.com/