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Company Profile

SNL Kagan is your single source for in-depth analysis and proprietary data on the constantly-evolving media and communications industry. Boundaries between sectors are blurring, so SNL Kagan covers them all and connects the dots in real time; tracking both quantitative impact and qualitative implications.

We provide unique financial and operational insight compiled by the same experts upon whom the industry relies for custom valuations, consultations and deal appraisals. Not only do we aggregate and standardize as-reported financials from company-reported financials and other sources like regulatory databases, we gather exclusive information from our own surveys, insider contacts and top management interviews.

In the global multichannel marketplace, SNL Kagan covers more countries in more detail than any other source. We interpret the constantly changing market conditions in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and North America; covering 80 countries and over 260 operators.

News, expert analysis, cross-linked data and insightful forecasts are integrated into an online platform that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime. SNL Kagan clients get access to data on all media & communications sectors. Whether you're an investment banker, equity analyst, consultant, vendor or industry player, you'll benefit from our integrated suite of news, proprietary analysis and financial data on the following sectors:
•       Global Multichannel
•       Traditional & Mobile Broadcast
•       Filmed Entertainment and TV Programming
•       Over-The-Top Devices (OTT)
•       Internet Media
•       Broadband
•       TV Networks
•       Wireless & Wireline

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