Hong Kong Copyright Alliance Urges Passage of Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014

The Hong Kong Copyright Alliance urges the Legislative Council to endorse the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 (“Bill”) to both bolster the freedom of expression and protect the creative sector from online piracy.

“The Bill not only ensures the freedom of expression, but also safeguards intellectual property rights. It is a lifeline for our ailing industry. It is a necessary measure allowing for the proper functioning of our economy in this age of new media and flawless mass digital transmission,” said Alliance convener Ms. Jenny Wong.

The Alliance, representing over 1,400 companies in the creative and entertainment industries in Hong Kong, believes the Bill represents a reasonable balance of interests among the stakeholders. The Bill will:

  • Safeguard the freedom of expression by providing sufficient exceptions that allow copyright users to continue to engage in creation of derivative works for such purposes as parody and quotation.
  • Offer practical guidelines for online service providers to handle alleged copyright infringement on their service platforms and establish a safe harbor that limits their liabilities in this regard.
  • Introduce a technology-neutral communication right to help protect the electronic communication of copyrighted works to the public against online piracy (e.g. commercial streaming pirate sites). It will plug a major loophole in the current provisions.
  • The public debate on the issues contained in the Bill started over a decade ago. The existing Copyright Ordinance is outdated and fails to provide an effective legal framework to tackle infringements in a new media environment.

    “The Bill is long overdue. Prolonging deliberation is not an option as infringing activities have threatened and continue to threaten the survival of much of our industries,” said Ms. Wong.

    The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 will be tabled for resumption of second reading on 9 December 2015.


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    For more information, please contact:

    -Mr. Sam Ho
    -Ms. Jenny Wong
    -Mr. Peter Lam
    -Ms. Fiona Wan (Tel: 2375 6669 / 9401 3007)

    About Hong Kong Copyright Alliance
    Hong Kong Copyright Alliance consists of 16 organizations of the music, film, TV broadcasting, comics and animation, software and information technology sectors with over 1,400 member companies. It is broadly representative of the copyright and creative industries regarding copyright protection in Hong Kong. The 16 organizations are:

  • BSA | The Software Alliance
  • CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia)
  • Entertainment Software Association
  • Hong Kong Comics and Animation Federation Limited
  • Hong Kong International Screen Association Limited
  • Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association Limited
  • Hong Kong Movie Producers and Distributors Association Limited
  • Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance Limited
  • Hong Kong Video Development Foundation Limited
  • IFPI Asian Regional Office
  • IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited
  • Motion Picture Association – International
  • PCCW
  • Television Broadcasts Limited
  • Time Warner Inc.
  • 21st Century Fox Inc.