Lesports Connects: The China Sports Forum – Speaker line up announced for first ever

Lesports Connects: The China Sports Forum – Speaker line up announced for first ever
第一屇LeSports Connects 中国体育论坛演讲者名单公布


  • LeSports Connects: The China Sports Forum, to be held at Mission Hills Dongguan from 28 – 30 November, announces speaker line up, including former England football star Rio Ferdinand, Chinese sports industry leaders from LeSports and Weibo Sports, WWE heiress Stephanie McMahon and former Manchester United and Chelsea FC CEO Peter Kenyon
  • A first of its kind event inviting leaders of the international and Chinese sports communities together under one roof – the 3-day invitation-only event aims to be the gateway to connect with China’s new sports business power players
  • Hosted at Mission Hills, China, the event consists of 2 days of conference content, and superior networking opportunities including Golf Day at the world’s largest golf course


  • LeSports Connects中国体育论坛日前宣布演讲者名单, 包括前英格兰足球明星里奥·费迪南德,来自乐视体育等公司的中国体育产业领袖, WWE高管Stephanie McMahon,前曼联和切尔西俱乐部首席执行官Peter Kenyon等
  • 国内外体育产业高管首次在中国汇聚一堂 , 活动邀请近400位嘉宾出席,旨在成为连接中国体育界的门户。
  • 本次活动将在中国观澜湖 举办,包括2天的的论坛会议以及在世界上最大的高尔夫球场进行的“高尔夫球日”,将为各界体育人士提供卓越的社交平台。


HONG KONG, 7th November 2016 中国东莞,2016年11月7日

LeSports, China’s leading Internet-based eco-sports company and Branded, the Hong Kong-based event marketing agency responsible for the highly successful YouTube FanFest and award winning ‘All That Matters’ conference series, today announced the speaker line up for their upcoming joint event LeSports Connects: The China Sports Forum.

作为中国领先的互联网的生态体育公司,乐视体育联手Branded在今天公布了LeSports Connects:中国体育论坛的演讲者名单。 Branded是来自香港的活动营销机构,其创立了YouTube FanFest以及屡获殊荣的“Matters”系列会议,

The 3-day invitation-only event is being held at event partner location Mission Hills, China – the world’s largest golf resort, from 28 – 30 November 2016. The event kicks off with a golf day for all delegates, followed by 2 days of conference content focusing on the rapidly growing China sports industry, with topics including:

为期3天的活动将在世界上最大的高尔夫度假村 – 中国观澜湖举行。活动将为所有代表开放一个高尔夫球日以及两天的会议内容,专注于讨论快速增长的中国体育产业,主题包括:


  1. The China sports industry and its influence on the international sports scene

– Showcase the domestic industry – current research and trends, and a look to the future

– Technology and media – updates on new forms of content distribution and fan engagement

– Chinese Super League – the business opportunities and the future of football in China

– Investing in international sports companies and services – what are investors looking for and how do you source China investment?


  1. The international sports industry turns to China

– Bringing international leagues, events and athletes to China

– Celebrating failure – what are some of the potential pitfalls and learnings

– International sponsorship and brand opportunities featuring case studies from top global brands

– Football Matters – what are the leading global clubs doing in China?



– 国内行业洞察 – 当前的调研和趋势、未来展望

– 科技和媒体 – 内容分发和粉丝参与的新形式

– 中国足球超级联赛 – 中国足球的商机和未来

– 投资国际体育公司和服务 – 投资者寻找什么,如何从中国获得投资?



– 将国际联赛,赛事和运动员带到中国

– 庆祝失败 – 什么是一些潜在的陷阱和从中吸取的教训

– 国际赞助和品牌的机会——来自全球顶级品牌的案例研究

– 足球事业 – 全球顶级俱乐部在中国做什么?


Speakers announced for the first LeSports Connects: The China Sports Forum include:

第一屇LeSports Connects:中国体育论坛演讲者名单包括:

Rio Ferdinand 里奥·费迪南德, former England professional footballer 前英格兰职业足球员

Lei Zhenjian 雷振剑, Founder & CEO 创始人 & CEO, LeSports 乐视体育

Ma Guoli 马国力, Vice Chairman 副董事长, LeSports 乐视体育

Tenniel Chu 朱鼎耀, Vice Chairman 副主席, Mission Hills Group 观澜湖集团

Hou Yuhua 侯昱华, CEO, Weisai Sports 微赛体育

Chen Xin 陈鑫, Vice President 副总裁, WeCapital 微影资本

Zhang Zhe 张喆, Senior Operations Director 高级运营总监, Weibo Sports 微博体育

Zhao Jun赵军, General Manager总经理CEO, China Sports Media 体奥动力

Li Sheng 李胜,Founder &CEO  创始人兼CEO, SECA World 盛力世家

Beatrice Lee, CEO, Baofeng Sports 暴风体育

Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer & TV Personality 首席品牌官 & 电视名人, WWE 世界摔角娱乐

Peter Kenyon, Partner 合伙人, Opto Advisors(体育产业咨询)

Andrea Radrizzani, President & Founder 总裁 & 创始人, Aser Media(投资公司)

Zhang Yi, Chief Editor 主编, Sohu Sports 搜狐体育

Liu Jianhong 刘建宏, Co-President 联席总裁, LeSports 乐视体育

Xie Chenguang 谢晨光, Founding Partner 创始合伙人, Kaixing Capital 凯兴资本

Shi Yiying 石一瑛, Director of Sports 体育频道总监, Jiemian.com 界面

Pan Shijian 潘石坚, Founding Partner 创始合伙人, Kaixing Capital 凯兴资本

Zhang Yuqiang 张玉强, Co-founder 联合创始人, Sports Money 体育大生意

Han Mu 韩牧, Founder 创始人, Lanxiong Sports 懒熊体育

Richard Young, Managing Director 董事总经理, NFL China 美国国家橄榄球联盟(中国)

Chris Park, Senior Vice President 高级副总裁, Major League Baseball 美国职棒职业棒球大联盟

Victor Cui, CEO, ONE Championship ONE冠军赛(综合格斗促销)

Jamie Reigle, Commercial Director 商业总监, Manchester United 曼彻斯特联足球俱乐部

Xavier Asensi, Managing Director – APAC 亚太区董事总经理, Barcelona FC 巴塞罗那足球俱乐部

Fernando de Matos, Head of Sponsorships AP Region 亚太区赞助主管, Visa 维萨

Caroline Darcy, Head of Sponsorship, Asia Pacific 亚太区赞助主管, UBS 瑞银集团

Adrian Toy, Regional Director, Marketing 亚太区营销总监, PUMA 彪马

Josh Black, CEO, ESP Properties, Asia Pacific(体育娱乐营销代理)

Mickael Piantchenko, Asia Pacific Director 亚太区总监, ESL 电子竞技联盟

Tom Byer 汤姆拜尔, Head Technical Advisor 首席技术顾问, Chinese Ministry of Education 中华人民共和国教育部

Andrew Collins, CEO, Mailman Group

Michael Cunnah, Chairman 董事长, iSportConnect体育社交媒体

Catherine Gibbs, Head of Sponsorship 赞助主管, AIA 友邦保险

John Cappo, President 总裁 & CEO, AEG China 安舒茨管理

Ben Flint, CEO, Asian Sponsorship News (ASN)(亚洲赞助新闻)

Scarlett Li, Founder 创始人 & CEO, Zebra Media 热波传媒

Richard Welbirg, Senior Reporter 高级记者, TV Sports Markets体育媒体

with many more to be announced

Interested parties can register their interest in attending at the official website: lesportsconnects.com


About LeSports

Established in 2014, LeSports has quickly become China’s leading internet sports company with a sports ecosystem which covers ‘content platform + event management and operations + smart hardware + internet services.’

With rights to over 300 global sporting events and live broadcasts totaling more than 16,000 games per year, including the English Premier League , LeSports houses the largest sports content in China. These also include exclusive rights in China to the Chinese Super League (CSL), Wimbledon, Formula 1 and much more.

LeSports acts an event operator and promoter, having helped bring world-renowned football tournament the International Champions Cup (ICC) to China for the past two years and will again next year.

The LeSports state-of-the-art, self-produced Smart Bike is the first item of hardware LeSports released and it has proven extremely popular among cycling and sports enthusiasts.

Internet services such as e-commerce and ticketing are provided by LeSports, where customers can purchase officially-licensed merchandise from top clubs and organizations through LeSports’ online platforms. Furthermore, LeSports acts as Major League Baseball’s (MLB) hard goods distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macao, and provides fans with the platform to purchase MLB merchandise in-game through the LeSports website and app.

This year, LeSports introduced its subscription and pay-per-view model, breaking down the barrier of traditional sports broadcasting in China with its OTT service, and pushed China’s paid sports content market into a new age. LeSports Pass members can watch all 380 Premier League matches live this season on LeSports’ OTT platform.

With its Hong Kong office up and running last year, LeSports HK has proved a real game-changer and instant success by introducing its popular OTT service into an already mature and competitive Pay TV market.  LeSports HK has also secured a whole host of exclusive rights to top-notch competitions such as the English Premier League, FA Cup, National Basketball Association (NBA) and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, as well as more than 2,500 matches from the Chinese Super League, the US Open Tennis Championships and many more. LeSports has started setting up a team based in the U.S, which is focusing on new technology and gaining a foothold in the ever-growing American sports market.

LeEco, the parent company of LeSports, has recently set up offices in the U.S, India, Russia and with LeSports focusing on its globalization strategy, will look to move into these territories in the near future.










About Branded

Branded are creators of ‘Live Media that Matters’

Branded conceptualised and produces the YouTube FanFest global tour, It’s A Girl Thing and the “Matters” series of B2B festivals.

Founded in 2002, and listed as a “Top 10 Event Marketing Agency” by Marketing Magazine and winner of the Singapore Experience Best Trade Event of the Year Award in 2012 and 2014, Branded adds value and grows the media, entertainment and sports industries in Asia.

Branded are experts in the conceptualisation, programming, organisation, and production of dynamic conferences, live music festivals, academies, and fan events in Asia. We are an independent company staffed by passionate multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-talented individuals with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and affiliations that reach all corners of the world. www.branded.asia

Branded是“Live Media that Matters”的创作者

Branded概念化并制作了全球巡演的YouTube FanFest,“It’s A Girl Thing”和“Matters”系列等B2B活動。

Branded成立于2002年,被Marketing Magazine列为“十大活动营销机构”,并于2012年和2014年获得新加坡体验最佳贸易活动奖,Branded為亚洲地区的媒体,娱乐和体育产业作出了很大的貢獻 。

Branded是概念化,规划,组织和生产商业会议,现场音乐节,学术讲座,粉丝活动的专家。 我们是一个独立的公司,拥有充满激情的多元文化,多语言和多才多艺的員工,在香港和新加坡设有办事处并拥有遍布世界各地的分支机构。 www.branded.asia


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Distributed on behalf of Branded by Roco Communications. For further enquiries please contact:

Ross Collett (Media) at ross@rococomms.com

Louisa Berry (Sales/Media Partnerships enquiries) at louisa@branded.asia

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