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In collaboration with our partners, CASBAA selects the latest business and technical papers related to the pay-TV industry.

Moving away from STB - next steps forward

Company: Novel-Supertv

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Technology Initiatives III

Company: Motion Picture Association Asia Pacific

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SNL Kagan:TV Everywhere

Company: SNL Kagan

State of Latin America TV Everywhere
Published: July 2013

SNL Kagan's survey found the most active OTT landscape in Colombia, where the moves made by four providers indicate the market is primed for near-term OTT hyper-competition, especially as pay TV penetration rises.

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State of TV Everywhere, Asia Pacific
Published: Aug 2013

SNL Kagan's survey of key pay TV providers in Asia-Pacific finds smartphones the most leveraged connected device for TV Everywhere distribution, adopted by 100% of surveyed cable operators, 83% of DTH operators and 50% of IPTV providers.

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Western Europe TV Everywhere Deployments Survey
Published: Sept 2013

Pay TV operator-deployed TVE services are gaining ground in Western Europe, with SNL Kagan's survey of 59 cable, DTH and IPTV operators across 16 territories finding 76% offered live TV in May, 69% offered multiscreen VOD and 58% enabled out-of-home access to content.

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State of the Satellite Industry Report

Company: Satellite Industry Association (USA)
Published: June 2013

The "State of the Satellite Industry Report," produced by our brother Association in the USA, the Satellite Industry Association, contains some interesting data illustrating the continued development of the satellite industry.

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Technology Series White Papers

Company: NAGRA 
Published: 26 June 2012

NAGRA is a worldwide leader in delivering secure, end-to-end digital media technologies that service providers can rapidly deploy to generate and protect revenues. Their solutions address the entire digital media ecosystem with a focus on leveraging innovations and elevating the consumer’s digital entertainment experience.

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1. Monetising Change Vectors in Digital Media
2. Triple Play: How to Gain Competitive Edge in the Digital TV Market
3. Wholesale Solution for IPTV


The Digital Cable TV Industry: Paving the Road to Success

Company: NDS
Published: 9 Mar 2011

Indian cable TV industry has witnessed many ups and downs since its inception but has managed to maintain a firm foothold in the country's TV viewing homes.

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Selectable Output Control

Company: Verimatrix 
Published: June 22, 2010

Selectable Output Control (SOC) has recently been authorized by the FCC for use in the USA. This paper by Verimatrix explains what SOC is, how it prevents piracy of high-value movie content, and how it can be complemented by using other technologies.

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Software vs. Hardware content security

Company: Verimatrix
Published: September, 2009

The whitepaper allows you to understand the modern set-top boxes with powerful two-way connectivity; A shift from television to online and mobile TV viewing and the integration of IP technologies into broadcast standards.

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Integrated Watermarking

Company: Verimatrix 
Published: September, 2009

This whitepaper focuses on how digital video watermarking can directly address some key challenges in the revenue protection and generation picture of content distribution systems. In particular, it illustrates how watermarking technologies can be effective in deterring piracy, opening up new business models and reducing the challenges of content portability.

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Mobile data: The rising star of the U.S. wireless industry

Company: SNL Kagan
Published: April 06, 2009

From 2006 to 2008, data revenue catapulted from less than 6% of wireless service revenue to almost 22%, enabling carriers to grow total revenue by 20%, despite an increasingly saturated market and waning pricing power. In this report, SNL Kagan's expert wireless analysts take a close look at the future of mobile data. Read the exclusive study to learn why SNL Kagan anticipates continued double-digit gains for data revenue over the next four years and which services are expected to fuel that growth. 

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