CASBAA joins in sponsoring Satellite Connectivity Workshop

CASBAA joined its member companies and other stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific satellite industry in organizing a Satellite Connectivity Workshop in Fiji on April 24, 2017 in conjunction with the Policy and Regulatory Forum for the Pacific (PRFP), arranged by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity. APT members and friends spent a day discussing important issues affecting the communications industries in the Pacific Islands, including:

Session 1: Satellites – Providing Essential Connectivity in the Pacific

Satellite Systems and their Benefit in the Pacific (Vanuatu Experience)
Satellite Broadband as a Key Contributor to USO Programs in the Pacific
Satellite Capacity for Redundancy Planning and Emergencies

Session 2: Innovation – New Satellite Technologies and Services in the Pacific
Innovations in satellite technology – more cost-effective, better quality and better performance
Next Generation Satellites The Path for the Pacific Islands
O3b’s New Satellite Technology and Services in the Pacific
The Role of Satellite in 5G
New Inmarsat satellites and the need for harmonized licensing of satellite terminals
Satellite Service provision in the Pacific; Regulatory consideration

Session 3: Satellite Spectrum Issues at the World Radio Conference WRC-15, WRC-19
WRC-15 Outcome? Some decisions related to Space services
WRC-15 and the road to WRC-19
Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM) Studies in the Ka-Band (WRC-19 A.I. 1.5) and other ITU-R relevant issues

All available presentations on these topics can be downloaded from the APT website.