Join Our Efforts to Safeguard C-band Spectrum!

Asian broadcasting and satellite organizations have united to appeal for attention and support by companies in Asia’s many countries and regions for efforts to safeguard the satellite C-band frequencies which are the lifeblood of broadcast distribution in our region.  These Associations have issued a joint appeal, which we attach, and urge all CASBAA members to consider and implement.

C-band frequencies are under threat as the ITU seeks additional frequency spectrum to assign for broadband wireless systems.   Some mobile equipment manufacturers and mobile operating interests are mounting a concerted campaign to have the ITU declare part or all of the C-band as open for mobile use.  This would be disastrous for the broadcasting industry.

The Associations – which represent the entire breadth of the broadcasting industry in Asia — believe it is important that broadcasters act NOW; we ask the broadcast community to join efforts with the satellite industry to safeguard C-band spectrum for satellite services.  The joint statement attached describes what needs to be done.

This statement has been endorsed by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council, and CASBAA, as well as the World Broadcasting Union (International Satellite Operations Group and the Global VSAT Forum.

Document can be downloaded here