Movement on Cable Package Pricing in Taiwan

Taiwan, which has had a large, static, legally-mandated analogue cable TV package for years, is in for some change, with consumers paying less for basic TV, but having more choice for premium content. The National Communications Commission announced on July 3 that in early 2017 it would oblige cable operators to offer tiers of programming. A basic tier, to include 11 named “must-carry” FTA channels plus others to be selected by cable operators, would cost only US$6.60 per month. Three add-on expanded basic tiers (which can be selected by consumers) are to cost only $4.30 each. At the top end, however, operators are expected to have more pricing flexibility for premium and HD channels. An obvious prerequisite for this type of pricing is full digitization. One hopeful sign is that Commission spokesperson Yu Hsiao-cheng implied it was not the Commission’s intention to continue past regulatory excesses. According to Yu, the commission would not limit the number of channels available in each group, nor would it interfere with the arrangement of the TV channels.

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