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ISD Briefing

Produced by CASBAA, the Motion Picture Association of America and Sky, this report gives a general overview of Illicit Streaming Devices.

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Comments on MIC’s Concept for 5G Systems and Spectrum in the Millimeter-Wave Bands

A joint industry submission to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), commenting on the MIC’s open notice on 5G communications systems and their spectrum in the Millimeter-Wave bands. The submission highlights the important role satellite technologies will play in the future 5G ecosystem, and recommends that the MIC consider spectrum requirements for all parts of the future 5G ecosystem, not just the needs of the terrestrial mobile sector.


CASBAA Comments on Ease of Doing Business in Broadcasting

On July 31st, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued a consultation paper on the “Ease of Doing Business in the Broadcasting Sector.” The following document is CASBAA’s response to this consultation. The comments made in CASBAA’s submission focus on two sub-sectors of the consultation: issues related to satellite TV channels; and, issues related to DTH/Teleports/HITS.

Download CASBAA Comments on Ease of Doing Business in Broadcasting here.

China 5G mmWave Consultation

In June, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) solicited feedback regarding the planning and use of millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum for the development of 5G networks from members of the satellite industry in Asia. Together, CASBAA, the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC), the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the EMEA Satellite Operators’ Association (ESOA) submitted the following comments on 5G communications systems in mmWave bands. Ultimately, they recommended that the MIIT should prioritize high mmWave bands for the accommodation of future 5G/IMT-2020 type services.


Update on Satellite Spectrum and the Road to WRC-19

At a recent Satellite Connectivity Workshop organized in Fiji by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity, Intelsat VP for Spectrum Strategy Hazem Moakkit offered an interesting and important take on issues that were resolved at the ITU’s 2015 WRC conference – and the ones that are looming for the next WRC in 2019. Everyone with a stake in the Asian broadcasting industry should have a look at Hazem’s presentation.