Regulatory issues are among the highest priorities for CASBAA. We actively undertake a number of regulatory initiatives in the Asia Pacific, including the pursuit of copyright enforcement, promotion of regional technical standards, lobbying activities, regulatory roundtables, and educational seminars.

CASBAA submits feedback to and maintains dialogue with government bodies and trade organizations on consultation papers for best interests of CASBAA members. CASBAA also collects and shares members’ papers and presentations which would be of interest to other members. These documents are placed in this section according to the nature of the issues and to the locations where the issues arise.

Recent news articles related to regulatory issues of anti-piracy, copyright protection, satellites, bills and legislation, new media and members submissions are filed in this section. For easy navigation, simply choose the issue you are interested in, subdivided by market location.

Same Same but Different? Video Policies for Asian Pay-TV and OTT

rfg110Same Same but Different is a publication that benchmarks the broadcast operating environment in 17 markets within the Asia-Pacific region.

Visit the online database here.

Download Same Same but Different here.


Policy Roundtable 2016

The annual CASBAA Policy Roundtable is an opportunity for legal and policy experts from the industry to meet in a closed-door summit with invited regulatory officials from a range of jurisdictions across the Asia-Pacific region. Featuring frank discussion of hot-button issues, case studies of regulatory best practices, and information-sharing presentations, the Policy Roundtable is an unprecedented forum for industry and government to interact.

The 2016 Policy Roundtable explored different aspects of the TV industry in Asia: updating regulatory frameworks to account for digital convergence, and – with respect to entertainment content – what can be done to shift illegal consumption of creative works to legal channels?