Frequency Allocations for the C-Band

For many years Japan has used the Ku- and Ka-bands for FSS applications and the C-band has been very little used for FSS. At WRC-07 Japan signed the IMT opt-in footnote 5.432A. The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), http://www.soumu.go.jp/english/index.html is responsible for frequency allocations. Even before WRC-07, MIC planned to use the full C-band i.e. the band 3 400 – 4 200 MHz for IMT-Advanced mobile services.
Present Situation
The committee for enhanced mobile systems in MIC, the Information Communication Council, has been investigating since April 2012 new regulations for IMT-Advanced systems (Recommendation ITU-R M.2012) in the bands in which IMT systems are currently deployed as well as the new band 3 400 – 3 600 MHz and potentially the band 3 600 – 4 200 MHz. The study covers technical regulations and sharing/co-existing studies with the incumbent applications. The report is expected to be completed in July 2013 with commercial operation in the band 3 400 – 3 600 MHz expected in 2015. See:
Japan has extensively studied three technologies that improve sharing: Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), sector disabling and Dynamic Spectrum Access/Allocation (DSA). These studies are described in Report ITU-R M.2109. Furthermore, Japan is of the opinion that new deployment and sharing scenarios such as small-cell deployment of IMT systems using low power and low antenna height can further improve sharing between IMT and FSS and that these techniques should be taken into account in studies under WRC-15 agenda item 1.1.
National position on 3.4 – 4.2 GHz band under WRC-15 agenda item 1.1:

3 400 – 3 600 MHz

3 600 – 3 800 MHz

3 800 – 4 200 MHz


Japan is in footnote No. 5.429 which also allocates the band 3 300 – 3 400 MHz to the fixed and mobile services on a primary basis and as such can be used for BWA.

Interference into FSS C-band Applications
There is very little use of C-band FSS and hence presumably very little interference.
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