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There are 2 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Marcel Fenez
Marcel Fenez provides specialist advisory services to a range of organisations operating in the entertainment and media value chain. He was responsible for establishing the PwC Hong Kong Entertainment, Media and Communications Group in 1995 and was the Global Leader of PwC’s Entertainment and Media Practice from 2007-15. He is now a Senior Global Advisor to the practice. He is a frequent contributor to regional and Global media and events on issues relating to the development of entertainment, media and the change resulting from digital migration and disruption. He was the Chairman of CASBAA from 2001-2015

Michael Fagan
Michael has more than 20 years’ experience in media and telecommunications and the laws around them including as a partner of Australian and International law firms and as general counsel. Michael has been a strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and public and private media groups in their strategic acquisitions and exit events as well as day-to-day advisory on a wide range of matters. Michael’s experience includes advising on new business models, content acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures and complex regulatory, copyright and trademark matters. He is based in Hong Kong.