mm2 Entertainment and Turner Ink Co-Production Deal

Turner and mm2 to invest in 5 films over 3 years

SINGAPORE (May 15, 2017) – mm2 Entertainment Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of mm2 Asia Ltd, (“mm2 Asia”), has entered into an agreement with Turner Asia Pacific to co-produce five cinematic films over the next three years with a multi-million-dollar budget.

The collaboration marks Turner’s first foray by the global media conglomerate into film production in Southeast Asia, and is part of a wider strategic effort to invest and produce more Asian content. These projects are expected to bolster its content pipeline for its TV brands including for the pan-regional general entertainment channel, Warner TV.

“We are very happy and proud to embark on this journey with Turner. We look forward to co-producing an exciting slate of films through this landmark collaboration. As we build on our strong base in the Asia market through our movie and media investments, we will continue to forge more such win-win relationships in the future,” said Mr Chang Long Jong, CEO of mm2 Asia.

Under the collaboration, mm2 Asia and Turner will complement each other in the areas of production, distribution and marketing of the films to maximize commercial value and audience reach.

Ricky Ow, President of Turner Asia Pacific, added: “This partnership makes a bold statement about Turner’s desire to increase its investment in local content for audiences in Southeast Asia. Together with mm2 Asia, one of the region’s top movie production companies, we’ve identified some great projects with genuine entertainment potential – and we can’t wait for them to start rolling out.”

The first film to be released under this collaboration is Wonder Boy, a biopic about the legendary singer and songwriter Dick Lee. It stars Benjamin Kheng, from the Singaporean band The Sam Willows, and is directed by both Lee and Daniel Yam. The film is scheduled to be released theatrically on August 3, 2017. The agreement also includes two other family films and two films from Jack Neo, the well-known Singaporean actor, host and director.

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For more information, please contact:

Angelin Ong, General Manager, North Asia, mm2 Entertainment Pte. Ltd.

Nelson Mok, Director of International Business, mm2 Entertainment Pte. Ltd.

James Moore, Director of Communications, Turner Asia Pacific / Tel: +852 3128-3720


About Turner Asia Pacific

Turner Asia Pacific creates and distributes award-winning brands throughout the region, running 61 channels in 14 languages in 42 countries. These include CNN International, CNNj, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang, POGO, Toonami, Warner TV, Oh!K, TNT, TCM Turner Classic Movies, truTV, MondoTV, TABI Channel, and HBO, HBO HD and WB in South Asia. Turner manages the business of Pay- and Free-TV-channels, as well as Internet-based services, and oversees commercial partnerships with various third-party media ventures; it teams with Warner Bros. and HBO to leverage Time Warner’s global reach. Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. (“Turner Asia Pacific”) is a Time Warner company.

About mm2 Asia Ltd.

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Asia is a producer of films and TV/online content. As a producer, mm2 Asia provides services that cover the entire filmmaking process, including securing financing, producing and distributing as well as securing advertising and sponsorship.

mm2 Asia further strengthened its competitive advantage through acquiring a majority stake in local 3D animation company, Vividthree Productions and event and concert production company, UnUsUaL Limited (SGX stock code 1D1), The Group also established its own cinema chain, mmCineplexes, through the ownership of five cineplexes in Malaysia.

In addition to Singapore, mm2 Asia also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China through its group companies and/or strategic working partnerships. mm2 Asia has co-produced and/or distributed over 100 films across Asia since 2008.

In 2014, mm2 Asia made its debut on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX stock code: 1B0), becoming the first Singapore film production company to achieve this.

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About Wonder Boy 音为爱


Director: Dick LEE, Daniel YAM

Cast: Benjamin KHENG, Julie TAN, Constance SONG

Language: English


Set in 1970s Singapore, when rock music was banned and long-haired men were considered gangsters, Wonder Boy follows the story of Richard (Benjamin Kheng), a teenaged aspiring musician and the school’s social outcast, as he forms a band – The Wonder Boys – and embarks on his coming-of-age journey through youthful ambition, friendships, first love, and the uncertainty of impending adulthood.

《音为爱》故事讲述新加坡70年初,那时摇滚音乐受禁,而长发男都被视为流氓。Richard,一个抱着音乐梦想的青年如何开始他的音乐旅程。Richard来自一个富有的家庭,也因此和家境一般的同学有很深的心结。性格孤僻的他也在学校里遭孤立。但他的音乐天贼帮助他交上了兴趣相同的朋友,并和他们一起组成一个叫《The Wonder Boys》的乐队。成长的未知数伴随着Richard,开始一段充满理想,友情,和爱情的旅程。

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