18 October, 2013

News Views

Welcome to News Views, CASBAA’s news round-up culled from sources across the industry for the week ending Oct 18th. Curated by CASBAA’s staff, News Views carries on in the tradition of Market Watch to keep you in the loop. We always value your feedback, so tell us what you think!

Christopher Slaughter

Christopher Slaughter


TMI? There doesn’t seem to be too much information when it comes to the news. Even at a time of fragmenting media use, TV remains the dominant way that Americans get news at home with cable TV news viewers spending over 25 minutes a day watching on average.
John Medeiros

John Medeiros

Chief Policy Officer

Fly the Friendly Skies – and watch TV! Thailand’s broadcasting sector continues to be shaken by change, with new companies and alliances popping up every week. The latest is the start of operations by a satellite TV channel which is the personal property of…..the owner of Bangkok Airways! How about a trip to Samui with every licensing deal?
Jill Grinda

Jill Grinda

Executive Vice President

David Byrne of Talking Heads writes on how the boom in digital streaming isn’t music to his ears: “The internet will suck all creative content out of the world”. Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Sara Madera

Sara Madera

Director, Member Relations & Marketing

For everyone who says “but size doesn’t matter!” ….They’re lying! At least when it comes to the crazy world of entertainment. Anita Elberse, the author of Blockbusters and a professor at Harvard Business School, discusses the big business of big hits or how blockbusters conquered movies, TV, and music.

Jenny Setnicker

Head of Advertising Development

Was it really only as recently as 2011 when Netflix suffered the wrath of a nation with its restructuring plan and Qwikster debacle? The media darling is plotting its next move for ubiquity and is reportedly in talks with several US and European cable companies with a view to making its service available via their platforms.

Desmond Chung

Associate Director, PR & Communications

Consumers don’t seem to be gaga for Google TV but will it be tastier on KitKat? Google is reportedly preparing to ditch its struggling Google TV brand and align its TV efforts more closely with the Android platform.
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