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24 March, 2017

“Brand safety” is the buzzword — YouTube is the problem. Starting last week in Britain, more than 250 brands joined a boycott of YouTube over concerns about their ads appearing next to offensive material; in the US, momentum grew, with AT&T, Verizon, and Johnson & Johnson all yanking their ads. Google has apologised to its ad clients, but the company has already lost US$24 billion in valuation, with possible further downside. The boycott comes as the advertising industry gathered for Advertising Week Europe, where the topic was discussed at length…

17 March, 2017

The Premier League won a potentially very important injunction from a UK court, allowing it to work with ISPs to block in real time pirate streams of live football matches. The injunction is limited in time to the remainder of this season, so watching how this works out will be a very interesting test case. The “free internet” crowd seems outraged because the ISPs didn’t fight the EPL’s request for an injunction…..well, duh! Responsible ISPs have a definite interest in not undermining a healthy content ecosystem…

10 March, 2017

In Hong Kong Wharf looks set to exit its pay- TV business as the company announced that no deals were reached to sell its television and internet broadband business i-Cable Communications – Hong Kong’s oldest payTV service. In a move that could seal the operator’s fate, Wharf said it would not extend any further financial support to i-Cable. Wharf have said they would also be reluctant to enter another 12 year pay TV licence – The HK government had provisionally renewed i-Cable’s pay-TV licence to 2029 in December, which requires HK$3.4 billion in investments for the first six years…

3 March, 2017

This week, we held the fourth iteration of the CASBAA OTT Summit, bringing together almost 300 delegates, speakers, panelists, and media as we explored the trends in digital delivery of video here in the region and around the world. This afternoon, our inaugural CASBAA India OTT Forum kicks off in Mumbai. Check out the Twitter feed at #casbaaott17 — which was in the top five trending topics in Singapore this week, btw…

24 February, 2017

Streaming sports will be up for discussion at the CASBAA OTT Summit next week; make sure you’ve registered. In case you wondered what the fuss is about, consider this: Twitter and Showtime announced a deal to run a triple-header boxing card this weekend, simultaneously on the TV network and the social media platform. And Facebook is reportedly in discussions about live-streaming one Major League Baseball game a week during the upcoming 2017 season…

17 February, 2017

Plans are in full swing for the CASBAA OTT Summit in Singapore on 1st March and the OTT Forum in Mumbai which will follow two days later on Friday 3rd. We have two packed programmes with a strong speaker line-up at both events. Regular rates for the Singapore event end next week and if you haven’t yet reserved your seat you can download the latest programme and registration form here.

10 February, 2017

A reminder that the CASBAA OTT Summit is just around the corner and will be held in Singapore on 1st March. Speakers include Ajit Mohan from Hotstar, Yu-Chuang Kuek from Netflix, Ravi Vora from Hooq, Simon Vella from MPP Global; Luke Gaydon from Brightcove; Michael Greco from Vindicia and Irdeto’s Roger Harvey. If you haven’t yet reserved your seat download the latest programme and registration form here.

3 February, 2017

Further confirmation (if needed) of the shift in ad-spend toward digital, Facebook’s Q4 ad revenue was up by 53% over the previous quarter, “raking it in” despite all the negative press about it being a purveyor of fake news. The earnings report comes along side other news of the social media giant’s plans to “suck more dollars into its social maw” by launching a marketing mix model tool to facilitate comparisons between Facebook ad campaigns and campaigns using other media.

27 january, 2017

At the risk of normalising what’s going on in the US, I decided to stop focusing on the White House for a while, and take a look at the latest on the AT&T Time Warner deal, remember that? It turns out, I needn’t have worried, because AT&T boss Randall Stephenson is normalising just fine, thank you: “I’ve got to say, I was impressed,” he said about his meeting with the new President. That conciliatory tone might be simply because despite all of Trump’s campaign posturing, the Administration might not actually be able to block the deal. And that’s despite questions being raised by various Democratic Senators about the acquisition, and shareholder lawsuits to stop a 15 February vote among Time Warner shareholders on the deal.

20 january, 2017

The fun just keeps getting funner: we’ll be sending this out before the inauguration in Washington, which I’m sure will provide even more fun, but over the past week, the incoming President’s relationship with the media has definitely continued to make headlines. (Of course, that might just be because the media are the ones who come up with those headlines, but let’s not get too recursive before the weekend). The White House Press Corps is likely to stay in the White House after all, it seems, although they are most definitely not welcome at the President-elect’s new Washington, DC hotel. And while the outgoing President used his last press conference to thank the media for doing its job, the incoming Administration is asking CNN to retract a story about one of its Cabinet picks and tweeting misinformation about morning news shows.