Industry Glossary

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Facility Based Operations license

Federal Communications Commission (US) (

Foreign Direct Investment

Flash memory – primarily used in memory cards and USB flash drives (thumb drives, handy drive, memory stick, flash stick, jump drive) for general storage and transfer of data between computers and other digital products. Does not require power to maintain stored information.

Free To Air (FTA)
Television channels or services for which viewers do not have to pay a subscription or other fee in order to receive them.

Fixed Satellite System - A satellite that is at an altitude and in an orbit such that it maintains a fixed position relative to the Earth's surface. An FSS is in contrast to an MSS (Mobile Satellite System). FSS is synonymous with geosynchronous earth orbiting (GEO) satellite.

Ffiber To The Home - Wired broadband communications technology in which the entire network to the home is constructed out of fibre optic cable. Benefiting from a significant decline in material prices, FTTH is emerging as a viable two-way residential communications technology in several countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy and the Nordic countries.

Fiber to the node/neighborhood – a telecommunication architecture based on fiber-optic cables run to a cabinet serving a neightborhood. Customers connect to this cabinet using traditional coaxial cable or twisted pair wiring.

Free Video On Demand - Free access to on demand content with or without inserted ads.

Fixed Wireless Access