Industry Glossary

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There are 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
(Dominant standard used in Korea)

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (China) (

Service Based Operations license

SDTV (Standard Definition TV) refers to television systems that have a resolution that meets standards but not considered either enhanced definition or high definition. The term is usually used in reference to digital television, in particular when broadcasting at the same (or similar) resolution as analog systems.

Sling Box
TV streaming device enabling users to view programming that they receive at home in distant locations, whether on a PC or other device (e.g. 3G mobile handset, PDA, etc.) with a broadband Internet connection. Developed by Sling Media Inc. in California, the Slingbox can be used for connectivity between devices in the home as well as anywhere in the world via the broadband Internet. The Slingbox has the ability to programme PVRs and Set-top Boxes via a separate infrared cable.

MATV system equipped with one or more satellite receivers for picking up additional TV channels via satellite.

Sports Active
An interactive service enabling subscribers to view various video feeds as well as information on the game and players, such as player statistics, different camera angles and current scores during a game.

(Television Commercial/ Advertisement) Refers to the purchase of TV commercial time on a market-by-market basis as opposed to network (national) purchases. Also commonly used in lieu of "commercial announcement".

Space Segment license (Indonesia)

Set Top Box. Also see Set Top Unit

Set Top Unit - the device which traditionally sits on top of the TV to interface between cable or satellite signals and the TV/VCR.

Subscription Video On Demand - Regular subscription fee (e.g. monthly) paid to access a package of on demand content.