Industry Glossary

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Open Cable Unidirectional Receiver - A digital cable receiver with a tune, a Card interface, and an Internet Protocol (IP) interface intended to enable multi-user, multi-room scenarios that provide digital cable audio-visual programming over an IP connection to a Home Media Server (HMS).

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority ( (Hong Kong)

Opt-in footnote
In this report, a series of footnotes to the ITU Table of Frequency Allocations adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) in 2007. Though the WRC did not disturb the primary allocation of C-band frequencies to satellite services, it did codify the possibility for regulators who “opt in” to choose to allocate C-band frequencies for future mobile telephony systems. In Asia, 10 administrations decided to be included in these new footnotes: Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Pakistan,Singapore and French Overseas Communities in Region 3.

Out of Home Viewing
Viewing by a panel members outside their permanent residence. This viewing is not captured in the ratings system.