January 2017

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With the Chinese New Year around the corner, on behalf of CASBAA’s Board of Directors and Executive Office, we wish you all a prosperous Year of the Fire Rooster!

Although none of us pretend to be feng shui masters, depending on who you ask, this year is expected to bring financial success, but also a lot of change.  And while people are expected to be more polite this year than they were during the Year of the Monkey, there will also be a need for clarity and quick decisions as the Fire Rooster Year progresses.  All of which is either positive, or negative, depending on your perspective!

But regardless of what the experts say the Rooster augurs, we hope that it brings nothing but the best to all of our Members and their families.  All of us in the Executive Office are committed to working closely with all our members in the year ahead, and we look forward to continued mutual success. Thank you again for your support, and 恭喜發財 —  Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Year in Review 2016

It is our great pleasure to share with you the annual CASBAA Year in Review 2016, which will provide an opportunity for all our members to connect and be informed in detail about CASBAA’s activities and achievements in the past year. An electronic copy is available for download here.

CASBAA’s submission to USTR on intellectual property protection

It’s that time of year again.   (No, not the holiday season…..)   The US Trade Representative has issued its annual request for comments on intellectual property protection throughout the world.   CASBAA submits an annual brief, representing our US member companies, about policies and practices in markets in our region.   (Nobody knows what policymaking in Washington will be like after the Administration changes on January 20th, but the process is mandated by law, so it continues in any case.)  Our brief is due on February 9th.   All members are welcome to submit views to CASBAA before the end of January; complaints and plaudits – if any – are both welcome.  And of course companies are also welcome to submit their own views to USTR, here’s the link for the information.

CASBAA OTT Summit 2017

Early Bird Rates End 26th Jan

CASBAA’s annual OTT Summit will help you discover the impact of Over-The-Top video services on the future of TV. Industry experts from across the region and the world will delve into compelling issues and innovative case studies, including the transformation of the traditional media industry to digital, viewership trends, engaging with audiences through social media, OTT assembly line, distribution, viewer retention and advertising. Take a journey from content to commerce, study the relationship between venture capital and tech investment, and explore sustainable scalability for mass and niche channels on March 1 in Singapore. This Thursday is the last day to take advantage of the early bird rates: don’t let it slip by and register


CASBAA OTT Tech Showcase 2017

In conjunction with the OTT Summit, CASBAA will also host the OTT Tech Showcase 2017 on 28th February, which will focus on  “How to Capture & Keep the Paying Customer ”; “Consumer-Focused Content through the Cloud” and “Device Platforms for Premium Video”. Please click  here for event details. Register your interest with Mandy Tsui at mandy@casbaa.com / +852 3929 1728.

CASBAA collaborating with Indonesian Broadcasting Commission on regulatory policy

CASBAA is working with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) on discussions of modern regulatory policy.  In a Jakarta meeting with CASBAA representatives on January 16, KPI Chairman Yuliandre Darwis invited CASBAA and member companies to attend/speak at an International Conference in late February that KPI would organize for the Islamic Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (IBRAF). The KPI Chairman also welcomed CASBAA’s plans to organize an in-country seminar in Jakarta on TV regulation later this year; the two organizations are now exploring possible dates.

From left:

KPI chairman –
Yuliandre Darwis

CASBAA Resident Liaison in Jakarta – Bettina Cavenagh

CASBAA Chief Policy Officer – John Medeiros

KPI Chief Legal Adviser – Dr. Fredrich Yunadi

Head of Public Relations Planning and Cooperation Division – Mr. Umri.

CASBAA Next – Ask Me Anything

Beatles or Stones…Coke or Pepsi…boxers or briefs? These were just some of the questions that were covered in the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) hosted by the CASBAA Next Committee. On January 19, CASBAA Next members had a meeting/webinar with Turner’s President of Asia Pacific, Ricky Ow, for a private discussion. This new format proved very insightful as the Next members explored Ricky’s perspective on the state of the industry, where the business is heading, Turner’s plans and Ricky’s career advice for Next members. More AMA’s are planned for future Next meetings. BTW, only one question stumped him, Swiftie or Belieber?

CASBAA New Event Page

This month CASBAA will launch a redesigned, more viewer-friendly event mini-site, which will feature a new search-enabled layout and event-by-event navigation on the same panel, and will allow you to have a quick glance at upcoming events in a more eye-pleasing way. Furthermore, each event subpage will enable you to share its content on social media. So, Tweet, Share and keep your friends posted about industry events they can’t afford to miss. Do have a look and tell us what you think about the new event page!

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Upcoming Event

Feb 8 – 25th Convergence India

Feb 9 – CASBAA Regulatory and Anti-Piracy Group Webinar

Feb 15, 11a.m. – CASBAA OTT and Connected Media Group Webinar

Feb 28 – CASBAA OTT Tech Showcase (Singapore)

Mar 1 – CASBAA OTT Summit 2017 (Singapore)

Mar 2, 9.30a.m. – CASBAA Technical Advisory Group Webinar

Mar 3 – CASBAA OTT Roundtable (Mumbai)

May 22 – CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum (Singapore)

Jun 27 – CASBAA Taiwan in View (Taipei)

Aug 17 – CASBAA Philippines in View (Manila)

Sep – CASBAA India Forum (New Delhi)

Sep 6 – ContentAsia Production

Sep 7-8 – ContentAsia Summit

Nov 6-9 – CASBAA Convention 2017 (Macau)